Can we help children choose healthy food?

Readers express concern over children's unhealthy food habit. Other topics: US election, shisha, animal abuse

Readers express concern over children’s unhealthy food habit. Pawan Singh / The National
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In reference to your editorial Making UAE's youth healthier (November 6), parents need to treat children like children, not let them choose their own food and drinks.

Of course, children will choose tasty (fatty and high-sugar) items, so until they can make the right choices, parents ought to be doing it for them. I have a 13-year-old pupil who loves quinoa and salad because his mother chooses that for the family, and that is what he is given.

I didn’t drink soda until I was over 13 as we weren’t allowed it.

Samantha Attfield, Dubai

My students are not interested in eating healthy food. I’ve been here for almost two years and l have never seen my students eat fruits, salad or vegetables. They eat Nutella and crisps.

Huma Mumtaz, Dubai

How to make city walkable

Regarding your editorial (Making our city more walkable, November 3), I would like to see lots of plain clothes police officers slapping huge fines on all the drivers racing through zebra crossings and parking on pedestrian walkways.

Wiltrud Matthes, Abu Dhabi

I think after summer people forget to leave their cars behind.

I’ve always wanted to run a Gertrude Street style Projection Festival to encourage people back onto the streets in the cooler months.

Michal Teague, Abu Dhabi

Synchronise roadworks to ensure all utilities are in place at one time.

This would ensure footpaths are consistently available to walkers and runners.

Noel Roberts, Abu Dhabi

I would suggest elevating walkways and jogging and running lanes.

Jofer Magsi, Abu Dhabi

US poll outcome unpredictable

We all have opinions about the US presidential candidates (UAE's expat Filipinos say Clinton better equipped to lead, November 3). Let's just say that it will be interesting to see how things play out over the next four years with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as the American president.

David W Blandford, US

Give us a break from shisha

It's frustrating that non-smokers cannot enjoy many outdoor venues in this country, because most of the popular neighbourhoods are dotted with cafes serving shisha, sometimes in the open (Shisha the biggest smoking threat to health, Abu Dhabi study shows, November 3).

I even know some smokers who think it’s annoying. It would be great to ban shisha on some days – if not forever –from all outdoor venues across the country to allow people to enjoy the fresh air and cool weather.

Ahmed Alanzi, Dubai

Shisha should be banned, or it will put a huge burden on health care. A campaign should be launched in a big way to educate people on the consequences of smoking – particularly shisha smoking.

Dina Abou-Zahr, Dubai

No respite from animal abuse

The extent of animal abuse in this country is beyond comprehension (Cat found with tail and ears cut off in Dubai, November 3). What's more depressing, no corrective action is in process.

People who commit such despicable acts are not mentally healthy. But it appears it’s not important to the authorities to put an end to such horrendous cruelty.

Wild animals are kept as pets until the owners don’t have fun with them any more. They’re then abused and neglected. Shame on them. They know who they are. They ought to realise that money can’t buy everything.

Terry van Jaarsveld, Dubai

Abusing animals is well documented as a step towards abusing humans. I hope this is taken into consideration when and if the culprit is caught. This is horrific.

Suzanne Arruda-Wessel, Dubai