In solidarity with the women in Afghanistan

Our readers have their say on women's rights in Afghanistan, the recycled tyres in Kuwait, engineering feats in Egypt and UAE's food secure future

Afghan women shout slogans during an anti-Pakistan protest rally, near the Pakistan embassy in Kabul on September 7. AFP
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In solidarity with the women in Afghanistan

With reference to the article by Ruchi Kumar and Hikmat Noori Afghans defy Taliban with mass protests because ‘we can’t remain silent’ (September 7): I hope the world will listen to these brave women and come back to help the Afghan people. My heart just hurts to see what the future of women in Afghanistan will be, especially looking back at the progress in girls' education that had been made over the past two decades.

Authurine Nelson, New York, US

Divided views on a segregated learning in Afghan universities

With regard to the report Students segregated as university term resumes in Kabul (September 7): at least the women are able to further their studies. Rome wasn't build in a day. And considering the previous Taliban regime... let's take it one day at a time.

Lutfah Davids, Cape Town, South Africa

As a girl who went to an all girls high school in the US, to me this seems very good. Classrooms without men, in my opinion, makes women stronger, less intimidated and allows them to speak out, which is what happened to me. I found my voice in an all-girls high school and when I stepped out into the real world, I wasn’t afraid of anyone.

Mahmooda Nasar, New York, US

Is this really such a big deal? Segregated schools exist in Australia too.

Shoaib Khalid, Victoria, Australia

To not grant women their rights in this day and age is shameful and medieval.

Gillian Bell, Norfolk, UK

Kuwait's green drive is the way forward

I am writing to you about your report Kuwait's infamous tyre graveyard given environmental makeover (September 7): this makes me so proud. Such measures are a step in the right direction.

Farvez Mohideen, Kuwait City

Arid regions need more such engineers

In reference to the report Egyptian engineering student turns air into water (September 5): what an excellent idea and quite the engineering feat. Mahmoud Elkoumy has shown great enterprise. I wish him luck to keep making these robots. I hope he gets funding to develop this idea further, especially to help water-scarce regions.

Mohamed Ibrahim, Hargeisa, Somalia

Just brilliant.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

The UAE's food secure future

With regards to Mansour AlMulla's piece Cultivating the UAE's future of food is essential for its economy and coming generations (September 4): converting sea water to fresh water will be great for the sustainable production of food. Looking forward to hearing about an abundant harvest.

Amera Natysoledad Ramos, Bukidnon, Philippines

Published: September 09, 2021, 3:15 AM
Updated: October 31, 2021, 3:18 PM