Syria: Two women and a child killed in blast, say Kurdish authorities

Another five were wounded in 'terrorist explosion' as vehicle carrying civilians passed Minbej entrance

Three civilians died in an attack in the Syrian city of Minbej. AFP

Two women and a child from the same family were killed in an attack in Syria's northern city of Minbej, authorities said.

Five others were wounded in the "terrorist explosion" on Saturday that occurred as a vehicle carrying civilians passed the entrance to the Arab-majority city under Kurdish administration, the Minbej military council said without providing further details.

The UK-based war monitor Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a car bomb was used to carry out the attack. It said two civilians died, while five people were wounded – including two members of the Kurdish Asayesh security forces.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, the regional administration's main fighting force, led the fight against ISIS.

It controls vast territories in war-torn Syria's east and north-east.

Updated: November 28th 2021, 10:30 AM