Life in Syria's Raqqa slowly returns to normal following end of ISIS rule - in pictures

Residents in Raqqa are building a brighter future after the city's occupation by the Islamic State group

The vegetable market near the Clock Tower Square in Syria's northern city of Raqa is today a hive of activity.

The square was formerly used for executions and beheadings by jihadists during the city's occupation by the Islamic State group. AFP

Today, however, where executions took place, traffic and people move freely.

Friends and family typically choose the central location as a place to meet.

Yet, for some, the familiar surroundings serve only as a reminder of the past.

The 'roundabout of hell' was once a stage for executions.

But improvements are being seen in the city and the arrival of lights, benches, cafes and restaurants are giving residents hope for a better future.

Updated: November 11th 2021, 9:07 AM