Timings and talks: a guide to Tony Robbins’s Achieve the Unimaginable at the Coca-Cola Arena

An epic day of motivational and inspirational lectures is in store as part of the Dubai event

Tony Robbins has led business and personal development events around the world for more than four decades. Courtesy Najahi Events
Tony Robbins has led business and personal development events around the world for more than four decades. Courtesy Najahi Events

Achieve the Unimaginable, held on Tuesday, September 3, at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena is a landmark event for the burgeoning well-being movement in the UAE.

Marketed in a way similar to music festival, the event features a series of popular motivational speakers and a dash of celebrity.

Led by the modern day lifestyle guru and Netflix star Tony Robbins, Achieve the Unimaginable also features an address by soul singer Alicia Keys (who is gradually moving into the motivational speaking market), in addition to UAE regulars Nick Vujilic and Prince EA.

Here is a run down of the program and the approximate times of their sessions. More information on the event is available on tonyrobbinsdxb.com

11.30 am: Nick Vujicic

Getting the crowd warmed up, if such a term applies for such a setting, is Vujicic. The 34-year-old was born with phocomelia, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of arms and legs. Born Melbourne, Australia, Vujicic’s brand of inspiration drew nearly 3,000 students to the Expo Centre in Sharjah in 2016, where he discussed ways to draw inner strength in tackling adversity.

Speaking to The National before his session, he hails his parents as his biggest inspiration. “"I was depressed as a kid, and at the age of 10 I tried to end my life. But because of the love of my family, I decided not to,” he said. “My parents always made me feel loved and cared for, and didn’t treat me different than my siblings. I had my chores to do around the house, and they taught me to work hard and never give up.”

12.30 pm: Alicia Keys

If you are a fan of the singer then you know she likes to pepper her concerts with chats urging fans to fulfil their potential. In that regard, her move to the motivational speaking circuit is not that surprising. However, after dipping her toes with small engagements in the US, Keys's Dubai appearance is by far her biggest ‘speaking gig yet.

According to Awfa Mustafa from promoters Najahi Events, Keys's insights should go down well with the UAE crowd.

"I am both honoured and excited to have Alicia Keys on our stage. Not only is she a role model to aspiring girls, but she is a humanitarian, a mother, a wife and one of the most successful people in the world," he said. "Our aim is to tell stories and provide the knowledge through real life experience to motivate the masses.”

2.30pm Prince Ea

Appearing after the lunch break, the US speaker commands a large following among youth due to his YouTube video and posts on social media. Ea's appearance comes after his well-received session at the International Government Communication Forum in Sharjah.

"My piece in particular was on the future of education," Ea told the UAE press. "My challenge to all the people in the audience is a challenge: are we preparing our kids for the future or are we preparing them for the past? Are we giving them the ability to succeed in the future job markets or are will preparing them for a job market that was many decades ago?”

3.35pm: Tony Robbins

Bringing the event home is Tony Robbins. The American author, life coach, entrepreneur and business strategist will deliver a three-hour presentation encapsulating the event's theme and is designed to "unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire".

Like with his other workshops and events, including his most famous six day 'Date With Destiny', this show will offer valuable tips and life strategies that have also been utilised by A-list celebrities, US Presidents and world leaders, such as Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana and the Dalai Lama – to name a few.

Updated: September 3, 2019 03:08 PM


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