First look: Another Mars, new wellness centre in Dubai inspired by Himalayan healing

Meditation takes centre stage in this new members-only venue

Another Mars aims to create a healthy, sustainability-conscious community. Photo: Antonie Robertson / The National
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The idea of humans moving to another livable planet remains far-fetched, but Chinese entrepreneur Grace Ge has reimagined it via a new wellness centre soon to open in Dubai.

Another Mars is a membership-only venue in Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah. Its main focus is to encourage people to embrace a healthier life. It offers several well-being services, from physical massage therapies to meditation, and will open on May 23.

Living a sustainable life, Ge tells The National, should come from within. She adds: “There must be an inner power that drives everyone to strive for it and have balance in their lives.”

Although the club offers typical spa services, it wants to focus on meditation and tap into the benefits of Himalayan healing traditions.

If you practise meditation on a regular basis, it will really change your life. Real healing doesn't come at once
Grace Ge, founder of Another Mars

“Natural healing therapies such as sound healing, I find, are really powerful during difficult times, and it's changed my life,” says Ge, who has travelled to Nepal to further study the ancient concepts.

Another Mars will offer individual and group meditation classes heavily influenced by these Asian traditions, on top of massage therapies to also tend to the physical body, she explains.

However, Ge clarifies that the centre is all about creating a community. This is why it is only launching subscription packages. Those interested must commit to a three-month membership.

A basic package, which consists of two spa sessions and two meditation classes a month for three months, costs Dh4,500 ($1,225). Members can also opt for a VIP membership for a year for Dh25,000 for unlimited spa and meditation sessions.

“If you practise meditation on a regular basis, it will really change your life. Real healing doesn't come at once,” says Ge.

Spending time in Los Angeles, Ge says she noticed ancient Asian healing traditions are on the rise, with many westerners following a prescribed lifestyle. Meditation and mindfulness exercises, in particular, are practised widely across the globe.

Scientific attention to meditation has grown over the years, and with it the popularity of wellness centres, such as Another Mars, and other similar platforms that encourage the practice.

Another Mars, also offers its own range of meditative practices, from sound-bath meditation to breathing sessions in a room filled with Himalayan salt.

Its overall vision is reflected in its interior design, which features muted and earthy colours to create a serene space.

“We want the space to be cosy and to feel safe for our members,” says Ge, who was heavily involved in the design process. She says all the materials inside the venue, from the slippers to the other meditation tools, are bespoke.

Another Mars currently has a promotion of Dh4,500 for the basic package with one extra free month and Dh15,000 for the VIP option until its grand opening on May 23;

Updated: May 19, 2023, 8:23 AM