What's Twosday and is it the luckiest palindrome day in a millennium?

Numerologists explain why February 22, 2022 is perfect for new beginnings

February 22, 2022 is known as Twosday and is said by some to be a lucky day.
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If you’re planning a proposal, booking your driving test or simply planning a drastic new hair do then today may well be a good day for it.

Twosday — Tuesday, February 22, 2022 — is being dubbed one of the luckiest days in a millennium by numerologists who claim that spiritual energy will be off the charts.

Numerology is the pseudoscientific belief in a divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events, and practitioners are saying the date holds incredible significance.

The date is known as a palindrome — a sequence that reads the same forwards and backwards — of which there are only 60 days in this entire millennium.

That makes it the perfect day for making a change in your life, according to numerologist Josh Siegel.

“The date itself is a significant representation of the numbers 2, 20 and 22,” he says. “These numbers all relate to intuition and awakenings.

“The number two represents duality, the decisions we make and how we see others. It is an indication that we may have fallen out of balance.”

For numerologist and soul coach Ann Perry, it is a date for laying down the law and deciding what we really want from life.

Numerologist and soul coach Ann Perry.

“The totality of February 22, 2022 comes up as a three vibration that is encouraging us all to express ourselves,” she says. “Tell people you are no longer going to be their doormat. Tell them you are building a life full of plans for a better future.

"Are we taking on responsibilities to be loved, or are we jumping in because we love doing it?

“Are we acting out of a place of service or servitude? We will be exploring ways to release the need for perfectionism while trying to establish balance in our lives.”

Tying the knot

Across the world, couples are changing their wedding plans to start married life on Twosday.

In Singapore, more than 500 couples are planning to tie the knot today, which is nearly nine times the usual number.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, news site casino.org reported that officiants and venues are booked solid with it set to become the busiest for weddings in recent Nevada history.

Las Vegas is gearing up for a busy day for weddings on Tuesday. Getty Images via AFP

In Sacramento, California, 222 couples are encouraged to bring their marriage licences and come dressed to impress for “Sacramento's biggest, once-in-a-lifetime collective wedding event” at the State Capitol.

The ceremony will start at 2pm and conclude at 2.22pm, followed by a celebration.

In Siegel’s opinion, it is an excellent day to get married, though he warns that every marriage requires hard work regardless of the anniversary date.

“The day for marriage would symbolise a deeper union and co-operation, a more balanced and equitable relationship,” he says. “It is a promise to work together as a team and sense each other's needs.

“This is a general time frame for more awakened types to do their part to find points of agreement with those of a different opinion.

“Although the influence is there, it is up to each of us to use this cycle in the highest way we can.”

Welcoming new additions

Mums-to-be may want to take a brisk walk or eat a spicy curry if the hype is to be believed.

According to Siegel, babies born on Twosday will be a harmonious addition to the family.

“Those who are born on this day may have heightened intuition and would be natural peacemakers,” he says. “They are coming into a world that needs them to help us find harmony, to show us we are far more similar than what we may believe.”

Teacher Angela Minervini is expecting her first baby on 22/02/22 and though she expects the arrival to be the end of her peace and quiet, she says she’ll take all the luck she can get.

“I’m not usually one for superstitions or lucky numbers but in this case, I’m prepared to get on board,” she says with a laugh.

“I’m hoping that I’ll be in and out of the hospital within a few hours wearing a pair of size eight jeans, but that would be more of a miracle than good luck I imagine.”

Minervini, who is from England but lives in Panama, Central America, is expecting a son with her partner Carlos.

“I think we’re already incredibly lucky to be having a healthy baby,” she says. “Anything else is just a bonus.

“As for a peaceful presence, I’ll take that over dramatics any day.”

The countdown

A website dedicated to Twosday has been set up at 22-2-22.com, featuring a live countdown and an online shop selling Twosday T-shirts for €22 ($25) with shipping available to the UAE.

The homepage reads: "After a couple of years of pain and frustration from the pandemic, the world is in hunger of joy, happiness and self-care.

"For the very, very few getting married — let's celebrate them. For the 0.27 per cent of the world's population having their birthday on 22/02 — let's celebrate them.

“And for the rest of us — for the more than 99 per cent of us — let's make it a day of cosiness. A day of taking care of ourselves. A day of making sure that we don't forget ourselves in the daily circus of life."

One thing we perhaps shouldn't forget is a lottery ticket.

Updated: February 22, 2022, 3:39 AM