Gold blend: Burj Al Arab offers a new glitzy cappuccino

Forget Friday brunch or afternoon tea - this new coffee is made with organic milk and a "generous quantity" of 24-carat gold

Never a subtle combination, Arab and Italian bling have merged with the launch of a "gold cappuccino" at Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. In what feels like a flashback to 2008, or even its opening date of 1999, travellers and residents can now add an impressively rich gold coffee to their list of consumables.

Never known for its restraint, the Jumeirah property says the drink, in which 24-carat Italian gold is blended into the "luscious" foam and then topped with gold flakes, is "the ultimate gold cappuccino".

The Dh85 coffee offers more gold than those 24-carat flakes found on Emirates Palace's Dh50 Palace Cappuccino and is the latest in a list of edible coffee drinks offered in the UAE. Dubai's Armani hotel also offers a "gold cappuccino" for Dh75, but this also only involves a flake topping.

The Burj Al Arab previously offered a coffee with 24-carat gold shavings. The hotel, which was the world's tallest hotel when it opened, features soaring interiors covered in marble and gold leaf, not least in its Gold on 27 lounge, a nightspot on the 27th floor.


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