200 microphones on board: Etihad's 787 Dreamliner takes to the air to test quieter flights – in pictures

Boeing's ecoDemonstrator programme has also placed a further 1,000 microphones on the ground

Etihad teams up with Boeing and Nasa for ecoDemonstrater programme

Etihad teams up with Boeing and Nasa for ecoDemonstrater programme
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It was announced last week that Etihad Airways had started its test flights for Boeing's ecoDemonstrator programme, a project that aims to create a more sustainable way of flying.

The scheme, in partnership with the US aircraft manufacturer and Nasa, meant that the UAE's national airline would be trialling technology that could help reduce aircraft noise and cut emissions in the future.

The latest findings have shown that the flights have been progressing well in Montana, US. Etihad's new 787-10 Dreamliner is the first Dreamliner to take part in Boeing's ecoDemonstrator programme, and has been fitted with more than 200 microphones on the outside of the aircraft and 1,000 microphones on the ground to measure sound levels.

Scroll through the gallery above to see more exclusive images from the ecoDemonstrator test flights.

The 1,200 microphone array is one of the largest and most complex ever designed and the current programme is the most comprehensive noise testing ever conducted on a commercial airliner.

All scheduled ecoDemonstrator test flights have been powered by a blend of up to 50 per cent sustainable aviation fuel and regular jet fuel. This will allow Etihad to continue to evaluate and learn more about the performance of sustainable aviation fuels.

The 787 will make a series of test flights to gather information on several technologies. Results will be shared with aviation industry leaders to help improve airspace efficiency, reduce fuel use, lower noise for the community and cut flight emissions.

The Etihad 787 ecoDemonstrator will return to Seattle by the end of the week, ahead of its final test flight to Charleston next week.

Etihad's new 787-10 Dreamliner is due to be delivered to Abu Dhabi by the end of September.