The MG5 is coming to the Middle East and its starting cost is just Dh36,000

The Chinese-owned brand is set to release a new sedan in the region, and it looks like buyers might be getting plenty for their cash

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An all-new MG will be available in the Middle East in August for the princely sum of $9,000 - yes, for just Dh36,000, you can have the company's latest sedan.

If you're feeling really flash, you can splash out and go for the full-spec model. That'll cost you $12,600 though. Breathe deeply.

The model in question is the MG5 and for these less-than-eye-watering sums of money (which, admittedly, exclude VAT), you get what the company says is a sporty little number.

Kit includes a 10.1-inch touchscreen on the centre console, keyless entry, plus rear-view and surround-view cameras. It has a 1.5-litre petrol engine which will give you 118hp. You also get an array of driver aids included in the price.

It's difficult to tell from looks or descriptions alone, but it seems you'll be getting quite a lot for your money.

Chinese company SAIC Motor now has control of the MG brand and these prices are a clear mission statement that it wants to get its products bought and seen on Gulf roads.

Tom Lee, managing director of SAIC Motor Middle East, claims this latest release will be pitched directly against more well-established, but less well-equipped, models.

"The arrival of the all-new MG5 is yet another signal of our commitment to car buyers in the Middle East," he said. "MG Motor has been steadily making its mark over the past couple of years by offering customers an increasingly diverse range of models."

What the car is like to drive clearly remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure - for the price you're paying you can forget where you left it and not worry too much as a new one is easy enough to get.