Rolls-Royce at record production; China passes Britain as top buyer

GOODWOOD // Proving that there is still a market for high-end luxury cars, the Goodwood Rolls-Royce factory in the UK is reporting record production levels. All current models, including the Phantom and the Ghost, are sold out until at least September, with Phantom saloons sold out until October. The plant is producing an average of 15 cars per day and more than 300 cars were built in June, both record figures since the 2003 launch of the company in its current form. This increase is in response to a year-on-year sales increase from the troubled times of 2009. June 2010 sales increased more than fourfold globally and the first six months of 2010 saw a 200 per cent increase on the same period last year. The company reported growth in all regions. Projections for the remainder of 2010 indicate that more Rolls-Royce cars will be sold in China this year than in Britain, a first for the company.

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