Go Gear: Maserati, Lexus and Lamborghini jewellery

Give a motoring-themed gift that even your better half will enjoy with branded jewellery.

The point of romance

Quick note: Do not let your other half eye this week's Go Gear if you want to keep your money firmly in your pocket. Jewellery doesn't come cheap, especially when it's tied to luxury car makers, such as this collaboration between Damiani jewellers and Maserati. It is a tasteful pure silver necklace though, with a sleek design.

Dh1,250. www.maseratistore.com


For your diamond doll

Upping the stakes higher is Lexus, which offers this delicate yet beautiful white gold and diamond pendant in its collection. The 14-carat white gold pendant contains 35 brilliant-cut diamonds and carries a Lexus "L" charm. Lexus may be a man's best friend but diamonds are certainly ladies'.

You'll find it at thelexuscollection.com and it costs a cool Dh5,500.


Brace yourself

And just to make sure the men aren't missing out, Lamborghini's bull - a symbol of strength and power - inspired House of Albanu to create this handcrafted bracelet. Each is unique and made in Monaco from leather, bull horn and silver, with an engraved Lambo logo.

Be prepared to pay Dh6,600 for it though at www.lamborghinistore.com.


Published: February 24, 2012 04:00 AM