A health drive from Nissan

Nissan launches a/c with breathable vitamin C and stress-reducing seats.

TOKYO // In a riposte to those who think a reliance on cars is unhealthy, new Nissan models will feature air conditioners that pump breathable vitamin C and stress-reducing seats. "We want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside," a Nissan engineer told AFP at a test drive event outside Tokyo last week. The group is also looking to install "friendly" speedometers with timely reminders of anniversary dates or birthdays, in the event the driver forgets. Nissan also expects to equip its cars with heating "easy chairs" that incorporate Nasa research to enable better blood circulation and reduce the chances of back pain during long drives. The innovations were announced along with a raft of driver safety features the automaker plans to equip its new cars with in the next two to three years, including anti-collision technology. As competition among carmakers increases and the concept of automobiles expands beyond transportation, manufacturers are looking to add value. "The emotional aspect of a car has become increasingly important and as customer needs diversify," said Nissan engineer Kenichi Tanaka.