'Luxury' June 2022 fashion shoot: creating a sense of escape

Outfits by Michael Cinco, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen are infused with a sense of childlike joy in this month's fashion shoot

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The theme of the June issue of Luxury magazine is escape. From uplifting fashion to travel inspiration and ideas for self-care, our stories highlight the fact that escape can come in many forms. And in our fashion shoot, we show that it's not necessary to jump on a plane to remove yourself from the daily grind.

A suite at the Palazzo Versace Dubai hotel became our playground for the day, as we celebrated the idea of disconnecting from being a grown up, and taking some precious me-time with a gilded staycation.

A cloud-painted gown by Alexander McQueen was the perfect outfit in which to embrace the childish joy of balloons, while a shaggy jacket by Valentino was the ideal foil for dancing through a shimmery curtain. A hand-beaded gown by Dubai's own Michael Cinco transformed our model, Milena, into a couture-esque mermaid in the suite's roomy circular bathtub, while a relaxed bodysuit and oversized jacket by Gucci was complemented by a shower of flower petals.

As adults, jumping on the bed is largely deemed off-limits, yet Dolce & Gabbana's silver sequins encouraged this small rebellion, just as a tulle gown by Kuwaiti designer Bazza Alzouman became a romantic picnic cloth for savouring a chocolate cake all alone. To better capture such a free spirit, make-up artist Gulum Erzincan created a butterfly of multi-coloured crystals on Milena's face, which evolved over the course of the day.

For those craving respite from being the only adult in the room, and who want to retreat to the carefree days of childhood – even just for a short while – there is a simple formula. Tune-in, dress-up and request a late check-out.

The team:

Photographer: Mehmet Erzincan

Fashion director: Sarah Maisey

Model: Milena at Art Factory

Make-up: Gulum Erzincan at Art Factory

Make-up assistant: Anna Boldina

Shot on location at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Updated: June 23, 2022, 6:55 AM