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Zoflora: Mrs Hinch's favourite cleaning product is now available in the UAE

The British cleanfluencer says she is ‘crazily obsessed' with the household product

Instagram influencer Mrs Hinch says she swears by Zoflora, a household cleaning product. Instagram / mrshinchhome
Instagram influencer Mrs Hinch says she swears by Zoflora, a household cleaning product. Instagram / mrshinchhome

If you follow Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, on social media you will be all too familiar with Zoflora. For the uninitiated, the detergent is a favourite of the British cleanfluencer, who has made a name for herself as a housework fanatic and gained a cult following of Hinchers (yes, there is a noun) who don’t clean, but Hinch (and a verb).

Mrs Hinch is vocal about her love for this particular scented disinfectant. She has regular “Zoflora hours”, not labelled as a sponsored concept on her Instagram feed, when she cleans almost every surface in her home with the product.

Until now, the UAE’s Hinchers have relied on friends travelling in and out of the country for their supply. But they are no longer at the mercy of jet-setting pals, for Zoflora is now in the Emirates.

Noted for its strong smell, Zoflora comes in 24 fragrances, four of which – Bouquet, Bluebell Woods, Springtime and Linen Fresh – are available online at Sprii and Mumzworld, and in-store at Spinneys and Waitrose, priced at Dh39.90 for 500ml.

Mrs Hinch has also promoted the use of fabric conditioner to clean doors, The Pink Stuff – a cream cleaner – and Minky cloths and sponges.

It claims to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses, which will appeal to consumers at a time when protection and hygiene is front of mind.

You mix the concentrated product with water in spray bottles or a bucket, which can then be used to clean a range of surfaces.

The Zoflora website has a handy guide for cleaning various areas of the home, and whether it’s best to spray, wipe, mop or soak a particular surface.

Bed throws and shower heads should be soaked, the company says, while tables, work surfaces, bins and taps should be wiped. Windows, door handles and mattresses are best cleaned with a spray of the product, it advises.

Does Zoflora kill the coronavirus?

When it comes to preventing the spread of Covid-19, disinfecting items and surfaces you touch frequently is advised.

But Zoflora has not shared comprehensive information on whether it kills the coronavirus.

It says on its website: “Given Zoflora’s efficacy against other coronaviruses, we would fully expect Zoflora to have virucidal activity against the Covid-19 virus. Definitive scientific confirmation of activity against this virus will only be available, however, when the strain has been released by the relevant health authorities, and testing conducted.”

It is recommended that the product is diluted to a ratio of 1:40 to work against the virus.

Updated: August 17, 2020 08:39 AM

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