The Style List: Flights of fancy from The Rug Company

A new collection of designer collaborations from The Rug Company.

The new collection of designer collaborations from The Rug Company features some of their most striking pieces yet, and the highlight is this exquisite and rather ethereal carpet by Alexander McQueen, with its almost photographic depiction of hummingbirds in flight. The late designer's iconic motif is beautifully captured in silk and pashmina threads, with soft, metallic accents that give each bird an iridescence to match their natural plumage. The realism of the birds' fluttering movement is depicted with the use of the highly specialist Aubusson tapestry technique - hand made on a loom, exclusively in the Creuse region of France. In addition to this ivory version, the rug is also available in black, and as wallhangings in both colourways.

This collection also includes the Military Brocade Ivory rug, featuring the designer's distinctive skull and dragon motifs, based on embroidery on a coat from McQueen's 2011 What a Merry-Go-Round show. A raised pattern hand-carved in gold silk, it's an opulent nod to the thrilling style and creativity of the late designer.

Available exclusively to order, The Rug Company, The Gate Village 2, DIFC 04 323 1161