Meet Moley: robotic kitchen that cooks and cleans unveiled at Gitex

The gadget can also store recipes and tell you when food is about to run out

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Not everyone is a natural whizz in the kitchen, but a futuristic invention hopes to help even kitchen novices cook up a storm.

Moley, a fully automated robot kitchen, launched at Gitex technology fair in Dubai’s World Trade Centre this week. The high-tech gadget can create entire meals, suggest dishes based on what’s in stock in your cupboards, clean itself and even tell you what ingredients need replacing.

It also boasts an automated unit consisting of cabinets, two five-finger robotic arms, a motion-capture system, a connected graphic user interface, a screen with access to a library of recipes, and a full set of smart kitchen appliances and equipment that can be used by both robot and human.

Moley can save up to 5,000 recipes in its system and has two robot hands which can perform simple tasks such as fetch items from the smart fridge, adjust cooking temperatures and use the sink to fill pans. Using sensors at the end of its arms, the robot can judge the pressure needed to ensure the correct hold of objects and ingredients.

However, it isn’t just the robot that impressed Gitex visitors, as the smart appliances in the kitchen are equally impressive. The smart fridge has the capability to inform users when the shelf life of a product is about to expire, as well as maintain an optimum temperature for different types of ingredients stored inside. It also has a smart storage system that can inform users when a specific product is about to run out.

In terms of design, the kitchen is currently available in only two options: luxury and modern. The luxury kitchen features Corian worktops, ebony lacquered panels and Patagonian marble kitchen island top. The modern design has more contemporary finishes using ceramic or Corian worktops, and panels in shades such as smoked eucalyptus. The Moley kitchen is also available with or without the robotic hands.

The project is the brainchild of Mark Oleynik, chief executive and founder of Moley Robotics, and has been in development for six years.

“Food is the basis of a good quality of life — we need proper nutrition. My goal is to make people’s lives better, healthier, and happier,” Oleynik says in a blog post by the Moley Robotics team.

The world's first fully robotic kitchen was launched at Gitex. Courtesy Moley Robotics

“After multiple cycles of development and testing, we transformed the concept prototype into a complex fully functioning product that’s ready for consumer use,” the post adds.

“A talented team of more than 100 engineers from a variety of world-class robotics companies applied the latest technologies. They have been supported by a team of interior and kitchen designers who completed the look of the kitchen with a combination of stylish form and exquisite materials resulting in the final, elegant look.”

The company has announced that future updates include being able to sync the kitchen to a smartphone so that users can operate it remotely, for example, setting it to cook dinner while coming home from work.

Currently the kitchen is only available for delivery in the EU, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Norway and Russia. However, there are plans to expand to North America. It's not known yet if or when Moley will be available in the UAE.