Installation celebrating Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's leadership unveiled at Dubai Design Week

The Kart Group has created a visually striking homage to Dubai's Ruler

An art installation celebrating the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has been unveiled as part of the fifth annual Dubai Design Week.

The Leader was created by Kart Group, a Dubai interior design firm that counts government entities and cultural institutions among its clients.

The experimental and interactive sculpture consists of a giant cube with a silhouette of Sheikh Mohammed cut out of it, his hand held up in his signature three-fingered salute, signifying win, victory and love.

Internal layering creates the impression of an aureole extending outwards from the silhouette, while a textured veneer gives the voluminous sculpture added weight. The interior of the multi-layered, inverted sculpture is crafted from Styrofoam, with a white, cement-like paint finish.

Two of Sheikh Mohammed's quotes have been carved into the exterior of the installation in Arabic script.

"The concept beckons spectators into the layered cut-out panels to discover the light and shadows that make up the journey of leadership. The famous words of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are inscribed into the mirror inlay to inspire every visitor,” says Mustafa Khamash, designer and founder of Kart Group.

The installation is located between buildings 9 and 11 in Dubai Design District. It is also up for sale, with all proceeds going to fund scholarships for young design talent at the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI).

"Design matters more than ever,” says Mohammad Abdullah, president of DIDI. “As markets around the world confront the realities of these extraordinary times, a plethora of industries faces not only challenges but also unique opportunities for change and transformation.”

Dubai Design Week, which is taking place until Saturday, November 14, features installations, exhibitions, experiences and workshops taking place across the city.