Home improvements: home-made lavender bags are a sweet-smelling success

How to make your own lavender bags, which are pleasing to hang in your wardrobe or dotted around drawers.

Home-made lavender bags are pleasing to hang in your wardrobe or dotted around drawers; they make simple but thoughtful gifts. You’ll need fabric, ribbon and dried lavender.

Cut out two fabric hearts. A large cookie cutter makes an ideal template. If the fabric is patterned, lay the two pieces together with the pattern facing in. Make a loop with the ribbon to hang the bag and sandwich it between the pieces of fabric, so that the two ends poke out the top where the heart dips – these will end up inside the heart. Anchor the ribbon with a couple of hand stitches. Sew around the heart, but leave a gap of around 2.5 centimetres, so that you can pull the material through, turn the heart the right way round, and fill it with lavender. It’s easiest if the gap is along one of the flat sides, so start sewing about two-thirds of the way down the right-hand side. Use a pencil to poke the fabric through the hole and make sure that all the hems are properly stretched out. Use a teaspoon or a funnel to fill the bag. Finally, stitch the gap closed, using a slip stitch so it’s invisible.

* Taken from Simply Wonderwoman: A Survival Guide for Women with Too Much to Do (Kyle Books) by Joanna Gosling, Dh103, www.amazon.com


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Published: May 15, 2014 04:00 AM