Christofle 1925 tea pot

Object of desire 1925 is based on 1933 but the chronology really doesn't matter. What matters is the sleek variations on the circle.

When I was small I loved visiting my grandparents and looking at all of the pretty things in their china cabinet. Among the sparkling cut-crystal glasses and delicate floral-patterned porcelain cups and saucers one thing always stood out: a silver-plated tea service. Even to my young eyes its lines seemed unusually sleek and glamorous; later I came to know its style as Art Deco. So when, on a visit to Paris several years ago, I first saw this tea pot - along with its matching cream jug, sugar bowl and tray - the memories came flooding back; it was love at first sight.

1925 is a contemporary take on the Tonnelet tea service that was created in 1933 by the Danish-born modernist designer, Christian Fjerdingstad. Recognised as one of the greatest Art Deco silversmith-designers, his collaboration with Christofle began in 1921 and lasted for 20 years. In this contemporary design, based on variations of the circle, the Art Deco heritage is unmistakable - and, just as Fjerdingstad loved to do, it combines silver beautifully with ebonised wood, its sleek lines and robust-yet-refined form focusing attention on the materials.

Of course, there's more to it than just its good looks: the company that produces it has a rich heritage and a well-deserved reputation for fine quality. In 1843 Charles Christofle - a jeweller by trade - bought a patent for the newly discovered process of electroplating, which he then set about perfecting, as well as developing polishing techniques that give the silver an exceptional depth and richness of shine.

1925 tea/coffee pot (with eight cups), Dh5,440 from Christofle boutique, Dubai Mall, 04 339 8451;

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