World Chocolate Day: 10 decadent desserts in the UAE for that ultimate chocolate fix

Whether you’re heading out or ordering in, these indulgent creations will satisfy any sugar cravings

From left: The Choco Loco cake by SugarMoo, LPM’s Coffee Chocolate Bar and Quattro Ristorante’s Chocolate Saturn
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World Chocolate Day is on July 7, and there really is no better time or excuse to celebrate than by loading up on the sweet stuff. Wondering what to order? From dark and bittersweet to rich and creamy, these 10 decadent desserts in the UAE are worth every calorie.

Nutella Gallussettes from Les Gallussettes

If you want to really splash out this World Chocolate Day, but can't be bothered to get off the couch, order in some of these indulgent bites via Deliveroo. The bite-sized choux buns ooze with Nutella and topped with crunchy sugar pearls for added texture. They're not the most budget-friendly dessert, at Dh23 for three, but they're so rich a little really does go a long way. You can also add a chocolate sauce, tangy raspberry sauce or English custard (all Dh6) if you really want to treat your sweet tooth.

Price: Dh23 for three

Details: Les Gallussettes, Al Barsha, Dubai, Deliveroo only; dine-in available at Majestic Tower, Business Bay, Dubai;

The Choco Loco cake by SugarMoo

SugarMoo’s Choco Loco cake is one of its bestsellers. SugarMoo

If you're looking for a cake that is indulgent while also being homely, home-grown online bakery SugarMoo has a winner. Its Choco Loco cake is equal parts rich chocolate sponge and thick chocolate cream, making it a great option for a scrumptious dessert, a birthday cake for a chocolate lover... or a treat for yourself on the occasion.

Meanwhile, vegans can enjoy the dessert shop's range of fabulous vegan desserts including the Crazy Cake, also known as the "allergy-free cake", as it is made without common allergens such as egg and dairy. And yet, even without these usual ingredients, it's as chocolatey, moist and delicious.

Price: A full Choco Loco cake goes for Dh215, but there's a "baby" version available for Dh30. The Crazy Cake goes for Dh16.

Where to find it:; SugarMoo delivers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Vegan double chocolate brownie from Mylk Lab by Genki

Not all vegan brownies are made equally as some can be dry or taste “too healthy”. Not this one, though. With its sweet potato base, it’s as moist as any dairy-filled dessert, and those chocolate chunks make it just as moreish. It’s still healthy though, as it’s also gluten and refined sugar-free. But that doesn’t mean it’s free of fun. Make sure you eat it straight out of the oven, or at least heat it up again before you chow down. Trust us, this plant-based dessert would delight any discerning non-vegan. You can also wash it down with one of Mylk Lab by Genki’s delicious superfood lattes (we love the salted caramel variety), if you’re feeling any guilt.

Price: Dh35

Details: Wasl 51, Jumeirah 1, 04 342 2999,

Fondant au chocolat from Shakespeare & Co

If you order the popular dessert, you'll be informed that it requires 25 minutes of preparation time – but the final product is well worth the wait. Shakespeare & Co's Fondant Au Chocolate is a piping-hot chocolate cake with a puddle of molten chocolate oozing out, all complemented by a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream. It's sweet, but not too sweet, and once you're done, you're bound to be tempted to lick the plate... or simply order another.

Price: Dh39

Where to find it: Branches across the UAE;

L’Africain hot chocolate from Angelina

French restaurant Angelina, started in the 1900s as a bistro in Paris, is today particularly known for two signature items – its Mont-Blanc dessert and its creamy L’Africain hot chocolate, the latter of which is every chocolate lover’s dream drink. Three types of African cocoas are blended together to create this dark and creamy concoction, which is rich and pudding-like. Served with a scoop of whipped cream, it’s a special drink, best saved for an occasion – such as World Chocolate Day. And UAE residents can have a little sip of history with this dessert, which is available in all local branches.

Price: Dh41

Where to find it: The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Zero 6 Mall in Sharjah; opening times vary

Brownie crepe from Dip n Dip

This dessert parlour specialises in all things chocolate, so you know it’s the place to be if you’re craving a sugar overload. Its Fettuccine Crepe (crepe, cut into fine ribbons, served with a choice of ice cream and chocolate topping) is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds, while its chocolate fondue is fun to share among friends. However, real chocolate lovers will probably want to dig into the popular Brownie Crepe, filled with rich chocolate brownies and slathered with three signature chocolate sauces. Best to bring a friend to help you finish this chocolatey delight.

Price: Dh42

Where to find it: Locations across the UAE;

Molten cake from Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

Chef Reif Othman's famous molten cake. Courtesy of Reif Japanese Kushiyaki

Those who enjoy the combination of chocolate and peanut butter can't go wrong with this exquisite fondant with a twist. Chef Reif Othman's molten cake is served warm, with a generous scattering of cashew nuts, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And once you break open the chocolate shell, golden brown peanut butter goodness pours out. What's not to love?

Price: Dh42

Where to find it: Dar Wasl Mall, Al Wasl Road, Dubai; 04 255 5142;

Chocolate Saturn from Quattro

The Chocolate Saturn from Quattro Dubai. Supplied

Quattro may be known for its vegetarian Italian bites, but any visit there would be incomplete without sampling its popular Chocolate Saturn, which has racked up a reputation over the years. Why? Because this chocolate sphere is served with hot chocolate that is poured over it, with much flourish, by the wait staff. Once the chocolate shell melts away, you can dig into the chocolate mousse hidden beneath. A triple whammy for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Price: Dh52

Where to find it: Mankhool, Dubai; 04 393 9395;

LPM Restaurant’s coffee chocolate bar

Layers of coffee and chocolate mousse make LPM's Coffee Chocolate Bar a delight. Courtesy of LPM

For coffee and chocolate lovers, LPM Restaurant, formerly known as La Petite Maison, has a gourmet creation, complete with gold-dusted caramelised hazelnuts. The LPM Coffee Chocolate Bar features layers of coffee mousse, milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut sponge, feuilletine (for a little crunch) and hazelnut praline, and covered in a thick, dark chocolate glaze. Garnishings include the gold-dusted caramelised hazelnuts, as well as hazelnut crumble. The final result? A creamy bar perfect for chocolate and coffee connoisseurs.

Price: Dh53

Where to find it: Available at LPM Dubai, LPM Abu Dhabi, via Deliveroo;

Baked mud pie from Slider Station

Dubai's Slider Station may be known for its variety of creative sliders (names of which include "dynamite" and "dangerous"), but it's also home to some of UAE's best chocolate creations. Its baked chocolate mud pie is one such delicious example which comes served in a big cast iron skillet, with the chocolate still bubbling inside. The dessert really is the perfect contrast of textures, with its molten centre and crunchy crust, and the taste is rich and addictive. Once you've cleaned that skillet, be sure to try and the Nutella thin shake – another perennial favourite.

Price: Dh68 for the Baked Chocolate Mud Pie; Dh30 for the Nutella thin shake

Where to find it: Al Wasl Road, Dubai; 1pm-11pm; 600 544 005;