Wild & The Moon, a new health food cafe, opens in Dubai

Wild & The Moon is now open in Dubai. Courtesy Wild & The Moon
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Wild & The Moon, a new health food concept, opens today (March 16) on Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. The cafe serves up food and beverages that are 100 per cent organic, cold-pressed, plant-based, wheat-free and unpasteurised.

Emma Sawko, who co-founded the chic healthy cafe Comptoir 102 in Jumeirah, has partnered with vegan chef Sati Faulks to open Wild & The Moon. Faulks was born in the US, but now calls Paris home. While working in Paris, Faulks educated himself on herbs and wild foods through foraging and permaculture farming with a mission to eventually open a raw food cafe. Faulks and Sawko met while Faulks was a guest chef at Comptoir 102 in 2014. That’s when plans for Wild & The Moon started. Faulks has also just opened two Wild & The Moon locations in Paris: a Wild Bar and a Wild Lab, both in Marais.

Sawko and Faulks are both confident that Wild & The Moon is something people in Dubai want — and need. Sawko says: “This is a relaxing oasis in an urban jungle. This is slow food set to an urban beat. We couldn’t see ourselves anywhere else as Alserkal avenue is the hub for arts and creativity in Dubai and has amazing vibes. Wild & The Moon is a peaceful hang out spot where you can feed your body with healthy juices, healthy food and good vibes.”

While the chic space is sure to draw attention, Sawko says the menu is what will keep people coming back. The food and drinks are local, plant-based, ethically sourced and seasonal, all served raw and intact. There are no processed ingredients, no additives, no chemicals, no GMOs, no gluten, no dairy and no refined sugar in anything served in the cafe.

Sawko is especially excited about the drinks. “All of our juices, nut milks and smoothies are cold-pressed and unpasteurised, which means that they are not heated or chemically treated,” explains Sawko. “We extract the juices from the fruits and vegetable by applying tremendous hydraulic pressure, which preserves 90 per cent of their nutrients and leaves the essential enzymes intact.”

Among the signature drinks are the Golden Turmeric latte with turmeric, homemade sprouted almond milk, vanilla, dates, black pepper and sea salt; the Black Gold, made with activated charcoal, vanilla, dates, almond milk and sea salt; and the Tiger made with sweet potato, orange, turmeric, cardamom and black pepper. Sawko and Faulks are also eager for diners to get a taste of their coconut macaroons and the Love Bar, which includes maca, cacao nibs and sprouted almonds.

Sawko says: “People are too busy and forget to take care of themselves. And if they do want to eat healthy, they don’t always have the time. That’s where we come in. We wanted to give them the option: you can live a busy and stressful lifestyle while eating heathy.”

While Sawko is still very committed to her work at Comptoir 102, she says she will also have an integral role at Wild & The Moon. “I’m 100 per cent involved and spreading the wild vibes. I am very involved in all of the recipes. This is my new baby.”

Wild & The Moon is now open daily on Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Unit H77. 055 183 5405, www.wildandthemoon.com