Where can you get Orange Tang Oreos in the UAE?

At Carrefour Ibn Battuta, we have on good authority

Mysterious import: Oreo Orange Tang. Courtesy GB Gifts 
Mysterious import: Oreo Orange Tang. Courtesy GB Gifts 

The “California girl” who populates the Instagram account JunkFoodOnTheGo is well regarded in the culinary sphere online, it seems. Her hyper-colourful grid is made up of all things cookies and candy – from Mermaid fruit candy corn and Milky Way salted caramel to birthday-cake-flavoured Dippin’ Dots.

In August, the account put up a flavour combo and attributed it as having dropped in Dubai: Orange Tang Oreos. That’s Oreo biscuits with a cream filling that “actually really capture taste” of the popular drink, Tang. “Personally I’m not sure how I feel about the combination of orange and chocolate,” she adds. “But I know a lot of people love it.”

As for the UAE connection, JunkFoodOnTheGo apparently got her batch from GB Gifts in the UK, which added an ambiguous “Dubai import” tag to the description of its now out-of-stock Oreo Orange Tang Flavour Sandwich Cookies.

The post got a mixed reception online, with some questioning why Oreo would ruin two classics, and others wishing it would become available in their countries.

“I’m praying these don’t make the jump over to the US stores because we actually have good flavours like, you know, Peppermint Bark Oreos,” wrote one unimpressed user. "I really can't get past the soda-chocolate combo."

We think it's worth a try, especially if you grew up drinking Tang. Despite trawling through the supermarkets and hypermarkets around Dubai, though, we were only able to confirm that the flavour is available at Carrefour Ibn Battuta and a few other Carrefour outlets (not online). Have you seen it at your local shop?

Other interesting Oreo flavours

A quick search on the Carrefour website reveals other flavours including Oreo cookies with strawberry cream, coated with Cadbury and peanut butter, while Lulu lists in its new launches section Oreo Joy Fills, pouch-shaped treats described as “sweet crispy wheat pillows with cocoa and vanilla soft filling”.

Elsewhere, Oreo has released limited-edition flavours including watermelon, carrot cake, lemon, red velvet and apple pie, and also does special flavours around holidays such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


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Updated: September 4, 2019 01:30 PM


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