UAE supermarket deliveries: Spinneys launches online shop in Abu Dhabi and Kibsons same-day delivery returns

Spinney's delivery launched in Dubai and is now available in Abu Dhabi

Spinneys new delivery vehicles _ {Dubai}, {United Arab Emirates}, October 2, 2019 (Photo by Mohammad Adel Rashid/ITP Images);17-05- 2020 _ Spinneys new delivery vehicles

Spinneys has launched a grocery delivery service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, allowing customers to shop directly online for the first time.

The supermarket's full range of fruit and vegetables, deli goods, dairy products, meat and fish are all available, as well as dried good and household items.

The website offers a re-order function, allowing customers to easily repeat past shops.

There is a minimum spend of Dh100 on orders with a delivery fee of Dh15, and orders of more than Dh350 are delivered for free.

When using the website, The National was able to select a same-day delivery time slot between 7pm and 9pm, or wait until tomorrow, with various times available from 10am until 9pm.

As of Saturday, July 4, the service is available for Spinneys customers in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It launched in Dubai in mid-June.

"Demand for home grocery deliveries has never been higher. Launched amidst the economic challenges caused by Covid-19, our new service will offer our customers an efficient, convenient and safe way to shop for their groceries," Spinneys chief executive, Sunil Kumar, said.

"Stepping into the world of e-commerce strengthens our ability to further support our communities and continue to provide our customers with the best possible products in the best possible way."

To shop, log on to and register an account.

Kibsons same-day delivery returns 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Papers and plastic collected at the kibsons HQ, Dubai. Ruel Pableo for The National

In more UAE supermarket news, Kibsons has announced that its free same-day delivery service is available once again.

The e-tailer is known for its fresh produce, but wait times have increased in the last few months, following a surge in online shopping demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With Kibsons, the minimum order for delivery is Dh50. It offers everything from fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, to household essentials.