Molten Me in Abu Dhabi specialises in meltingly delicious lava cakes

Molten Me, a new lava cake shop in the capital, has already built a loyal following.
Chocolate lava cakes from Molten Me. Viktoryia Vinnikava for The National
Chocolate lava cakes from Molten Me. Viktoryia Vinnikava for The National

Some people call them lava cakes. To others, they’re known as fondant or molten cakes. But one thing is certain: these small, rich cakes filled with oozing chocolate lava are hard to resist for ­chocolate-lovers. However, molten cakes can be tricky to master. If you don’t have the skills or the patience to attempt them at home, head to Molten Me, a newly opened molten cake shop on Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi.

Molten Me was started by Glee Hospitality Solutions after a group of young Emirati women came to them with the idea and funding for a molten-cake shop. Aboudi Al Saadi, the managing director of Glee, says it took his chefs about three months to come up with the right recipe.

“The first few times, I have to say the tastings were horrible. It wasn’t working out, but eventually we got there.” The persistence seems to have paid off: after a soft opening in June and official launch earlier this month, the shop has sold between 15,000 and 20,000 cakes, while amassing more than 6,500 followers on ­Instagram.

“We’ve had to close the doors a couple of times already,” Al Saadi says. “We didn’t expect such high demand and we sold out a couple of times. We’re trying to manage expectations with the quantities.”

The cakes are freshly made each day, sold from a small shop designed for takeaway and delivery and packaged in jars that make them easy to transport. You can get a white chocolate, chocolate or red velvet base with a variety of flavours including almond, cookies ’n’ cream, lemon, pistachio, coconut, marshmallow, hazelnut and peanut butter. The cost? Just Dh20 each.

“We’ve been very fortunate,” Al Saadi says. “People love it and they’re ordering lots. It’s still early. It will evolve. It will grow. You never know what’s going to happen in three months.”

Already, there are plans to add tables and chairs outside when the weather cools, after which they’ll expand the menu to include ice cream. The Muroor Road location is the sole shop in Abu Dhabi at the moment, but if the success continues, Al Saadi says they’ll open other branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. He also plans to cater for events, weddings and birthdays.

Molten Me is located on Muroor Road in Darwish Tower. For more information, call 02 443 5542, visit or find them @molten_me on Instagram

Published: July 21, 2014 04:00 AM


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