UK hospital trust introduces disposable headscarves for staff in operating theatres

The idea came from one of its former medical students

Farah Roslan (left) poses with Gill Tierney, her mentor at Royal Derby Hospital
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The University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust has announced that it will be introducing disposable sterile headscarves for its staff working in operating theatres in the UK. “We are proud to be national leaders of good practice and inclusivity,” it said, in a post on its website.

The University Trust introduced the garment earlier this week, crediting the idea to one of its former medical students Farah Roslan, who is now a junior doctor.

“I am so happy my vision has become a reality and that these headscarves are now available for all of the staff,” said Roslan.

The disposable scarf will be available to all staff at the hospital trust
The disposable scarf will be available to all staff at the hospital trust

Roslan told BBC Radio Derby that the idea came to her when she was once pulled out of an operating theatre, respectfully, due to infection control. “I’d been using [the same headscarf] all day which obviously wasn’t clean and ideal,” she told the radio station.

In order to find a middle ground, Roslan decided to look at Malaysia, her place of birth, for inspiration on a new design and fabrics.

Roslan also went on to thank colorectal surgeon Gill Tierney who mentored her during her time at Royal Derby Hospital. "Miss Tierney has allowed me to pursue my dreams. She is an inspiration to female leaders in healthcare, especially theatres. She has inspired me a significant amount," she said.

In return, Miss Tierney commented, "We know it's a quiet, silent, issue around theatres around the country and I don't think it has been formally addressed. It hasn't cost much and hopefully the effect will be enormous."