19 photos that sum up Karl Lagerfeld's dramatic fashion world

As the world mourns his passing, here is a look at why Lagerfeld is considered such a legend in the high fashion world

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To get a better idea of the contribution Karl Lagerfeld made to the world of fashion, it helps to look at some of the settings for his fashion shows, in particular for Chanel.

The staid white runway and simple backdrop was simply not for him.

Instead, Lagerfeld understood that spectacle is a vital element of fashion - the desire to see and be seen - and he took this to its logical conclusion, with elaborate shows that were as important as the clothes themselves.

Lagerfeld was well versed in the language of theatrics, and although he took his show on the road, offering collections in Cuba and even in Dubai, it was in Paris, in the Grand Palais, that he felt most at home.

He often used it to stage fantastical shows that included giant carousels and spaceships - scroll through the gallery above for a guide to his sense of dramatic, uncompromising style.