Fashion notes: Go nude for a trend to believe in

Every now and then a trend comes along that seems rather doable on paper ... And so it is with nude.

Despite our age, every now and then a trend comes along that seems rather doable on paper – not quite enough to succumb completely; more like a manageable niggle, urging us to a take the leap into previously uncharted waters.

And so it is with nude. Not quite abrasive enough to make a statement of any kind, but just enough to make us stand up and give the whole thing a little airtime. For those with no interest in the world of style and what it dictates, nude is certainly having a little bit of a moment right now. What some of us need to be reminded of is that while fashion is fundamentally about showing something off, there’s always something we can get from the season’s trends. On the runway, it would be difficult to find a designer whose collection didn’t feature a certain element of the above.

The problem is that there’s a common recipe for hitting the mark. For, as with most things in life, its execution is never quite as straightforward as its promise. Let’s face it: “beige”, as it is known outside of fashion circles, is never going to give us a leg up to the best-dressed list. It’s just too bland for that. What we do in situations such as this, however, is encourage ourselves to look outside the box. Only a certain type of person can cope with this kind of dress with a sense of ease.

Most of us don’t know that nude is the only shade, other than black, that when worn from head-to-toe, albeit with some accessories to break it up, works beautifully. Think of a simple and distilled, honeyed-down version of what you think is necessary to make the grade. In other words, get rid of the tat. If you’re going to succeed with the whole dressing-down revolution, first and foremost make sure that everything is expertly pressed. What we’re looking for here is the perfect silhouette. Think crisp, starched shirts and soft, buttery leathers. The trick is in getting the layering right.

For a more sophisticated daytime look, pair with neutrals such as pale pinks or off-whites, and a nicely fitted blazer. Accessories should be well thought out. There’s an art to styling simply; start with one quality piece of jewellery, such as a simple rose-gold necklace or plain silver band, and build from there.

Every so often, a trend comes along that restores my faith in fashion – there’s no need to woo the world with the wacky and wonderful all of the time.

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Published: May 29, 2014 04:00 AM


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