Kids share their verdicts on the rides and thrills at Legoland Water Park in Dubai

Legoland Water Park is great for young thrill-seekers, with more than 20 slides and attractions perfect for youngsters. Our writer took her kids along to try them out and give their verdict.

The Legoland Water Park boasts of over 20 water slides and attractions. Courtesy Dubai Parks and Resorts
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As the mercury rises, the coolest way to get refreshed is to feel the water splash you as you hit the pool at the end of a slide.

Legoland Water Park, next door to Legoland at Dubai Parks and Resorts, is pitched more towards the younger end of the market –ages 2 to 12 – than the city’s other water parks.

But that doesn’t mean that its 20 water slides and attractions do not have plenty of thrills.

But don’t take my word for it – I took Maria, 10, Lily, 7, and 2-year-old Jacob to try them out. Here are their verdicts on some of the top attractions.

Build a Raft River

This is the only water-park ­attraction in the UAE where you get to customise your raft by adding an assortment of jumbo Lego blocks to its sides. You then float in your inflatable creation down the lazy river that circles half the park, watched by lifeguards at every turn.

Kids' verdict: "We enjoyed ­designing our raft, but the lazy river is slow and could be a bit boring unless you have a family race. We enjoyed chasing our dad down on our float."

Red Rush

You need to have a group of atleast three people to have a go on this water slide. You spin down a super-sized 95-metre long slide in a round raft, while holding onto the edges. Because you’re spinning, you can’t always see where you’re going, which adds to the thrill factor.

Kids' verdict: "This ride was quite fast, but it wasn't too scary for us and we couldn't wait to go on again. Prepare to get splashed at the end."

Joker Soaker Water Playground

This giant watery playground has seven slides, some steep and scary, others slow and steady. There are also climbing areas, water spouts, spray guns, a paddling pool and a torrential cascade of water that is dropped from an overhanging 300-gallon bucket.

Kids' verdict: "The water here is colder than the rest of the park, and we visited on a chilly, drizzly day, so we were reluctant to get drenched by the enormous tipping bucket. But we enjoyed going down the slides. Nobody who requires a safety jacket can use this attraction, so our 2- year-old brother was disappointed he wasn't allowed on."


Lego-lovers can put their ­creative prowess to the test by ­designing their own model boat, using Lego bricks, then test their designs on a 10-metre ­shallow river, built into a table.

Kids' verdict: "This activity gave us a nice break from ­hurtling down slides. It's also something unique that no other water park offers."

Duplo Splash Safari

This shallow, warmer-water pool is designed with toddlers in mind. It has four small slides, and large Duplo animals with ­water features. There are also several water fountains dotted about for younger visitors to enjoy.

Kids' verdict: "Our 2-year-old brother loved climbing onto the elephant's back, and splashing water around the crocodile."

Lego Racers

You can pit yourself against ­other family members on this ride, which features six parallel racing slides which you speed down on mats.

Kids' verdict: "We had great fun on this ride. But make sure you give your kids a ­head-start, otherwise it won't be fair ­because the extra weight of an adult does a much better job of overcoming the drag."

The Wave Pool and adjoining slides

The extensive wave-pool area has several more slides, including two tube rides, one twin-tube ride and two solo rides. The Wave Rider is the steepest, and involves zooming 73 metres down an open slide straight into the water.

Kids' verdict: "We loved ­bobbing about on the waves of this pool. The other slides here are great for the grown-ups to ­enjoy – they were too scary for us."

Good to know before you go

Don’t forget to bring ­towels with you, although if you ­forget, you can rent one for Dh40 or buy one for Dh59.

The shop also handily sells single swimming ­nappies, at Dh10 each. A “jumbo” ­family-sized locker costs Dh65 to hire.

Pick the right seats

The park has two distinct ­sections – the more child-­friendly area, which has the lazy ­river ride around it, and the wave pool area, which contains the more ­adventurous rides.

There are complimentary sun chairs and loungers by the wave pool and the water ­playground, or you can splash out Dh495 for a cabana that ­includes a safe box, four towel rentals, water and soft drinks for four people.

Book your tickets online in advance

Throughout April, UAE residents can book at and tickets for Legoland Water Park will cost Dh165, and include free parking for UAE residents. This compares with the usual price of Dh240 (Dh205 for kids) if you pay at the gate.