Bella Hadid pays tribute to her Palestinian grandmother Khairiah Daher Hadid

Mohamed Hadid also posted about his mother and her royal heritage

Mohamed Hadid, right, has previously spoken about his mother Khairiah Hadid, and even named his children after his parents. Photo: Instagram / @mohamedhadid
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On Saturday, Bella Hadid shared a sweet tribute to her Palestinian grandmother. The supermodel posted a childhood picture of herself with siblings Gigi and Anwar along with the simple text “I miss my Teta” and a heart emoji over Insta Stories.

Mohamed Hadid posted the same image on his own profile. The real estate developer, and father to supermodels Bella and Gigi, reposted the picture, along with touching words for his mother, who died in 2008.

“Bella posted this picture of herself with Anwar and Gigi and the Princess of Nazareth her Tata. Bella is aware of her culture and her heritage,” he wrote in the caption. “If you are Palestinian, we should be proud."

This is not the first time Mohamed has paid tribute to his mother Khairiah Hadid, nee Daher.

In the past, he has often shared photos and talked about her royal heritage. His mother is a descendent of Daher Al Omer, who was the Arab ruler of northern Palestine until 1774, Mohamed has said.

He has shared how much his children loved her, and has said she would have been proud of her grandchildren today.

"My Mom (Allah Yerhamha) Khairia Daher Hadid would have been so proud of @gigihadid today," he wrote in a post in April 2020. "Gigi loved everything about Tata. Gigi won first place in an art competition of a portrait of her Tata. This picture was taking 1955 in Beirut. She was a stunner. Great mom, a wife, a Tata to 30 or so grandkids. We and I miss her every time I breathe. Look down from above."

It’s clear that she holds a special place in the family’s heart, as Gigi named her daughter Khai, who she shares with singer Zayn Malik, after her.

Bella’s middle name “Khair” is also a nod to their grandmother, while brother Anwar is named after his grandfather.

The Hadid family regularly post pictures highlighting their Middle Eastern and Palestinian heritage. Mohamed and his family were among those who left Palestine during the Nakba of 1948.

Mohamed's niece, Lina Hadid, also recently posted an old photo of her uncle and her mother – who is currently in a coma in Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC – in Damascus, after they left Palestine.

"Nakba survivors generally don't have many photos of their childhood," Lina wrote in the caption on Instagram. "After the Hadid family was violently forced out of Palestine in 1948, they first walked to Damascus, Syria. This is a photo of my Mother and uncle Mohamed from the early 1950s in Syria.

"One month ago, when I was home for the holidays, my Mother showed me this picture and said -- look at me and my brother Mohamed, we looked like dolls. Little Palestinian refugee dolls."

Bella also shared this post on her Insta Stories.

Updated: January 16, 2022, 10:17 AM