Dubai to get its own Walk of Fame honouring stars from around the world

And you can vote for the people you think should get their own stars

Anyone who has paid a visit to Los Angeles will have taken a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard to see the Walk of Fame, spotting the stars assigned to everyone from Elizabeth Taylor and Jeff Goldblum, to Donald Trump's own controversial red and gold honouring.

Well, it seems that Dubai is about to get its own star-lined walk.

See who we think could be in line for a star on the Dubai walk of fame in the gallery above.

The first 400 Dubai Stars can be voted for by the public now, they will be unveiled in October 2019. Courtesy Emaar 
The first 400 Dubai Stars will be voted for by the public and unveiled in October 2019. Courtesy Emaar

Emaar announced its Dubai Stars project on Monday, March 18, which is set to be located on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard in Downtown Dubai.

In total there will be 10,000 stars on the walk. However, to begin with there will be 400 Dubai Stars, who will be voted for by the public and unveiled in October 2019.

Voting is not yet open, and it has not been announced when we can expect the further 9,600 stars. The total of 10,000 stars is set to be four times the number in LA.

The stars are set to look like this:

Courtesy Emaar 
Courtesy Emaar

Not just for actors and musicians

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is very celebrity-focused, but the Dubai version is set to be a little more wide-ranging, and will pay homage to local and international personalities from various fields including music and film, of course, but also art, architecture, sports, and literature as well as "social influencers".

It has been described by Emaar as a "walkable tribute to stars and influencers from all over the world. Further underlining Downtown Dubai as the main tourist destination in Dubai, Dubai Stars will pay tribute to eminent personalities who have positively influenced the world through their work in various fields."

Updated: March 18, 2019 02:13 PM


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