Dubai resident captures Expo lake pattern in the desert via drone photography

The grass-rendered sign is at Al Qudra Lakes, says photography enthusiast Uliana Shepotynnyk

The Expo 2020 sign at Al Qudra Lakes, with the Dubai skyline added on in the background. Courtesy Uliana Shepotynnyk
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The UAE's Instagram community woke up to a stunning image by Uliana Shepotynnyk (@theulianas) on Sunday, February 23. The photography enthusiast and cabin crew member for FlyDubai posted an aerial shot of the words "Expo 2020" emblazoned on a sandy circlet, itself surrounded by a lake shaped like a many-petalled flower, resembling the Expo 2020 Dubai logo.

The Expo “island” is further surrounded by a swathe of desert, with the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai skyline visible in the distance. That’s one’s first impression, anyway.

In actuality, Shepotynnyk looked out for the signage she first saw on someone’s phone camera and thought “was a fake”, and then came across it at Al Qudra Lakes in Dubai – rather a distance from her first recce around the Expo 2020 site, which is closer to Jebel Ali.

The sign is rendered “in some type of grass”, she says. “I used a drone to take the aerial shot and used a simple editing filter. The only thing ‘not real’ about the image, as it were, are the buildings in the background. I Photoshopped these on as I wanted people to know that this was in Dubai, and share it especially with those who don’t live here and may not know about the Expo, or who are interested in knowing more,” she says.

The 30-year-old, who is originally from Ukraine, reckons that the sign may be visible to airborne passengers landing into Dubai, although she has no idea whose put up the sign. The official Expo 2020 Dubai media team says it’s not been created by them, either.


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