Cold weather in the UAE: the funniest tweets about the 'big chill' the UAE is currently facing

'Someone turned down the thermostat'...

A classic snowman built and photographed at Cuddyback dry lake bed in the Mojave desert California, USA.  Photographed with a Canon 1DS Mark II. Getty Images

If you live in the UAE, you'll have noticed an unusual chill in the air in the last few days. As the temperature dips to the late teens, you may have noticed people out and about in a few more layers than usual, heaters being fired up on the Emirates' terraces and the beaches emptier than ever.

Naturally, the people of Twitter had something funny to say about the "big chill", and we have rounded up all of our favourite Tweets (and one Instagram post) for you here...

This Twitter user gave the designer coat club a quick talking to:

Ned Stark was right, winter has come and we're all Jon Snow right now:

This funny thread, which calls out the over-layered in Dubai: 

'Fess up: 

The perfect use of this Friends gif: 

There have been some 'what has it come to' moments: 

The wrapping-up is real:

Accurate fashion commentary: 

Dramatic side effects of the big chill: 

Let It Go: 

Dubai is being used as a barometer for a global freeze: 

The perfect opportunity for a winter wear #OOTD, with the caption, "Someone turned down the thermostat... I need my trench coat!":

A sentiment echoed by pretty much every European expat: 

When people momentarily consider replacing their AC unit with central heating:

That said, not everyone is convinced it's really winter:


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