Chris Hemsworth stars in a new property advert filmed in Dubai

The Bayut commercial sees the Australian actor ride a horse in the desert, drive a Ferrari around town and learn how to play the oud

Chris Hemsworth stars in a new Bayut campaign, filmed in Dubai. Instagram / Bayut 

Chris Hemsworth has been in Dubai, it seems. We had no idea the Australian actor was even in town, the sneaky thing, but he was here to film an advert for property website Bayut.

The commercial, which was released yesterday, sees the Hollywood star ride through the desert on horseback, listen to traditional music in a desert camp and make himself at home in the city, naturally.

The minute-long advert begins with Hemsworth riding through the desert atop a black horse, wearing a white shirt and jeans. He then jumps in a Ferrari and pulls into a luxurious looking villa, making himself at home he strides through the hallway, drops his phone and keys in a bowl, and seems to drink the whole home in, hotel-standard art and all.

The ad then cuts to a scene featuring the Thor star in the desert once again, sipping Arabic coffee and sitting with traditional musicians. He is then back at home, sitting beside a statue of a falcon and practising the oud himself.

The aforementioned falcon sparks a new sense of UAE pride in Hemsworth's fictional resident, and he is then back in the desert enjoying a close encounter with the Emirates' national bird.

"It's so easy to fall in love with this place," the Australian actor says at the end of the clip, as he is sat enjoying lunch with friends, "and even easier to find a home here, thanks to Bayut."

It seems the animals were provided for the shoot by The Animal Agency, the UAE’s "only agency providing animal stars to the region’s film and media industry".

The agency identified Savannah the peregrine falcon and Al Qamar the horse as both starring in the advert.

The campaign's release follows the announcement that Hemsworth has been awarded a Dubai Star.

"Congratulations to the hammer-wielding King of Azgard Chris Hemsworth," the Dubai Stars Twitter account announced on August 21. "Your passion for acting and fitness is an inspiration to millions around the world."