Injustice for former PM

A reader says recent news confirms that Yulia Tymoshenko, former prime minister of Ukraine, cannot get a fair trial there. Other letter topics: economics, equality, construction, charity, Peter Clayton and Rowan Atkinson.
Yulia Tymoshenko, centre, formerly the Ukrainian prime minister, has been arrested for failing to acknowledge the legitimacy of her trial. A reader says the arrest shows she cannot get a fair trial. Reuters / Sergei Svetlitsky
Yulia Tymoshenko, centre, formerly the Ukrainian prime minister, has been arrested for failing to acknowledge the legitimacy of her trial. A reader says the arrest shows she cannot get a fair trial. Reuters / Sergei Svetlitsky

I refer to New fears of global recession (August 6).

The global financial markets rely on confidence. That confidence seems to be evaporating. There is an eerie feeling that with all this talk of defaults that some institutions or even sovereigns may soon default.

Since financial markets are a house of cards, any default would affect us all. Watching this is like watching a slow moving car crash - you know we should do something, but you don't know which way to point your wheels.

Some people will put the onus on regulators, but they are there to stop cheating, not there to stop the driving force behind capitalism, which is greed.

All this needs global response, which is sadly lacking. Assuming no one wants chaos, runs on banks or for people's pensions to disappear, then the only answer is responsible global support for existing institutions.

Charles Hamill-Stewart, Dubai

Big price swings make little sense

I'm no investment expert (as my bank balance proves) but I'm always amazed by the way financial market prices, especially in commodities, fluctuate so widely on the basis of any scrap of news (Another day and it's another bad one for commodities, August 6).

Isn't there any sophisticated medium-term analysis out there? Do world markets really have to swing around on the basis of every minor news report about the weather or a strike some place?

Mario Romain, Abu Dhabi

Political injustice in Ukraine

It is horribly unjust that Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister of Ukraine, has been jailed in the middle of her trial (Tymoshenko arrested over gas contracts with Russia, August 6). She was arrested for refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the court case against her, which is based on legal actions she took while in office in 2009 to guarantee security of natural-gas supply through contracts with Russia.

Her objections to the trial have been peaceful; the arrest is one more proof that she cannot get a fair trial.

Gerard Lukaniuk, Dubai

Equality a phrase but not a fact

Am I the only one who found it strange that a story about soaring property prices in the UK (The endless housing boom, August 6) was directly opposite one about almost the poorest of the poor (Streets of gold give hope to scavengers)?

Truly, in today's world equality of opportunity is just a phrase, not a reality.

DL Mehta, Abu Dhabi

They call this a complete project?

I refer to your story Unhappy Remraam buyers told to pay (August 5).

How is it that Mizin can force clients in Remraam to pay by claiming that this construction site is actually a completed development? It obviously is not nearly finished.

I prefer to wait till the basic amenities are ready before taking possession.

Madhu Krishnan, Sharjah Those who help are an inspiration


Thank you for the article Sisters of charity in your M magazine (August 6). It is truly inspirational to read of people who are working with individuals and groups really in need of help.

These people put the focus on giving, as you put it, all around the year.

Few of us have the spirit, time, opportunity, and determination to work so hard in a spirit of altruism. It makes me feel better to read of people who do.

Michelle Riga, Abu Dhabi

A fitting tribute to Peter Clayton

As one who once met Peter Clayton, I was touched by the thorough and respectful obituary you give him (On his grave, a handful of desert sand, August 5).

We are used to thinking of expatriates as people who come here for a few years to make money. But Mr Clayton was a different sort.

Those expatriates who have been here since before the UAE was formed are a special breed indeed.

Allen Brooke, Dubai Slow down to live, Rowan Atkinson

I was relieved that Rowan Atkinson, who as Mr Bean and in other roles has given his fans so much pleasure, was not badly hurt in his road accident (Atkinson crash is not serious, August 6). He has, I understand, had a fast-car fetish for some time.

I hope he grows more cautious; there are no laughs at a funeral.

Ernest Butler, Abu Dhabi

Published: August 7, 2011 04:00 AM


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