Indian leader sets a good example

A reader says the new Indian prime minister has started well by inviting other regional leaders to his swearing-in. Other topics: women's shelters, bus drivers and photography.
A reader says the new Indian prime minister has started well by inviting other regional leaders to his swearing-in. Harish Tyagi / EPA
A reader says the new Indian prime minister has started well by inviting other regional leaders to his swearing-in. Harish Tyagi / EPA

I enjoyed watching the television coverage of the swearing-in ceremony for the new prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, and his cabinet ministers.

Inviting South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation leaders, particularly those from Pakistan and Sri Lanka, was a welcome gesture.

It was also good to see various other dignitaries and film personalities there.

The ceremony gave a clear indication of Mr Modi’s approach for peace and stability in the region. Apart from this the entire nation is expecting good governance from him, which I hope he will deliver.

K Ragavan, US

It is annoying to see some UAE media going overboard on coverage of the Indian election and its aftermath.

The UAE is a cosmopolitan country and reporting the minutest ­details about India is not justified.

Zia Hashimi, Dubai

Dubai women’s shelter plays an important role

It is disturbing to read that women continue to be victims of domestic violence and abuse (Dubai shelter has dealt with 187 cases so far this year, May 27).

Gender inequality is prevalent within our society. It is a shame that despite living in this modern era, women are ill- treated and denied their rights, which in turn forces them to seek help from such organisations as the Dubai Shelter.

The efforts made by the shelter staff are commendable. It is because of their help and support that many women have been able to emerge stronger than ever and survive their ordeal.

Fatima Suhail, Sharjah

Sadly, I think the figures quoted in this story are just the tip of the iceberg.

Belinda Wallington, Oman

Pharmaceuticals rule just the tonic

I welcome the report that doctors will be able to issue long-term prescriptions (Prescription shake-up will cut visits to hospital, May 27).The sooner it happens, the better.

Thailia Fever, Al Ain

Mixed views about school bus drivers

I refer to UAE school bus drivers are ‘safest on the road’ (May 27).

I get cut-up by buses every day. The drivers switch lanes in mid-turn just like all other drivers in the UAE.

However, the other vehicles don’t contain dozens of children out of their seats play-fighting and running around.

J Schroeder, Dubai

It is good to hear that school bus drivers have been declared the safest on the road.

It gives an assurance to parents that their children are in safe hands and are well taken care of.

These bus drivers are worthy of our appreciation for taking their job and responsibilities associated with it so seriously.

They are heroes in the true sense.

Name withheld by request

School bus drivers the safest drivers in the UAE?

That’s only when they aren’t ­exceeding the speed limit or weaving in and out of traffic en masse.

C Wareham, Dubai

I read an article saying that many bus drivers are former taxi drivers. That would explain a lot about their driving skills.

S Corfield, Abu Dhabi

Courtesy on roads is the first priority

In reference to the editorial, ­Education and visible policing are key to road safety (May 27), it’s not just taxi drivers who are to blame for bad driving.

Every driver in the UAE seems to think their car is either indestructible or disposable.

Drivers must show discipline and road courtesy – and think of the value of human life while they are driving.

There’s too much bullying on the roads.

MJ Tanajura Uy, Abu Dhabi

I used to live in Al Ain and when I arrived home from work each day after an 80-kilometre commute, I was shocked that I was still alive.

Teri Adams, Abu Dhabi

Appreciation for an iconic photograph

I enjoyed your online gallery of works by Steve McCurry, the photo­grapher best known for his 1985 picture The Afghan Girl.

I appreciate Mr Curry for taking one of the most beautiful pictures of all time.

M Marimar, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 27, 2014 04:00 AM


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