Saudi Arabia lifts ban on travellers from six countries

Direct flights from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam will resume on December 1

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior on Thursday announced that direct flights to and from six countries will resume starting December 1.

The ban, introduced last year to curb the spread of Covid-19, will be lifted on flights from India, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam.

Foreign residents of the kingdom have welcomed the lifting of the ban.

“I haven’t been to Pakistan since 2019 and didn’t want to risk being stuck. I’m so happy, I called my family crying and will book as soon as they open flights,” said Wasim Khan, originally from Pakistan.

The ministry said residents arriving from the six listed countries must spend five days in quarantine regardless of their vaccination status, however those who have been fully vaccinated in the kingdom are exempt from the quarantine.

It added that health procedures and measures are subject to continuous evaluation.

“I can finally travel to meet my children in Egypt without the fear of not being allowed back into the country. This is the best news and I’m so grateful to the government for the way they’ve safely fought against the pandemic, ensuring all our safety,” said Arwa Ibrahim, an Egyptian living in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia is easing restrictions on travel and public gatherings due to the recent decline in Covid-19 cases.

On Thursday, Saudi Arabia recorded 28 new cases and one death from coronavirus as well as 38 recoveries, bringing the total number to 538,740.

The kingdom allowed fully vaccinated citizens to travel abroad starting May 17, when the country reopened its land, sea and air borders more than a year after the pandemic began.

Updated: November 25th 2021, 10:52 PM