Bahrain: police officer rescues child moments before Ramadan cannon fires

Footage of the incident shows a child wandering in front of the cannon

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A young child who walked in front of a Ramadan cannon mere seconds before it fired was rescued thanks to a quick-thinking Bahraini police officer.

The child wandered into a restricted area on Sunday evening as a crowd gathered on the island of Northern City in Bahrain to watch the cannon being fired.

The cannon is used every night during Ramadan to announce sunset prayers and the breaking of the daily fast.

Video of the incident shows the child running in front of the artillery as a crowd shouts to give a warning to officials.

"The brave policeman saved the kid in the right moment and that was very amazing. He is a true hero," said Leila Sohrab, who filmed the rescue.

Before the incident, police officers told the crowd to avoid the area around the cannon.

Ms Sohrab said the child most likely "ran away from his parents into this restricted area".

The loud blast rang out only seconds after the officer pulled the child to safety.