Give the car a break

There are more benefits in shunning the car than having it.

How many of us walk to work, or take the bus? Not enough, it seems, judging from the virtual car-park on our streets most evenings.

But what if we all, just for a day or two, left the vehicle in its parking spot? From better health, more vitamin D and money saved on petrol, there are plenty of perks to doing just that, as the 5,000 people who participated in Dubai's fourth Car Free Day will have realised.

As The National reported, the reduction in road traffic during the occasion prevented the emission of an estimated 14 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The Dubai-based Al Serkal Group has decided to contribute to the green initiative by planting 60,000 trees -12 for every vehicle kept off the road. It is estimated that 12 trees can compensate for the carbon emissions of a typical saloon car.

A cleaner environment is certainly a big benefit when commuters opt for public transit. But there are other benefits that are worth considering, too. No car means less stress - no jousting on the motorway or time wasted searching for a parking space. How much better to arrive at the office after a road-rage-free commute. That alone is reason enough to leave the car keys at home. Your colleagues will thank you, too.

Published: February 15, 2013 04:00 AM