Manar Al Hinai: Techniques to apply when multitasking

Four tips on staying on top of multiple projects and not draining yourself of energy.

When I was in university my friends called me “Speedy” for the number of things I could do within a short amount of time. I still have not grown out of this skill. I love to multitask and work best and most effectively when handling a number of projects at once.

How to keep focused on multiple projects is a common question I get asked by people who prefer to focus on one individual project at a time instead of scattering their concentration.

That ability came with time and by adopting several techniques to help me stay focused, grounded, and tuned in to my goals without worrying or responding to the negative comments I might hear.

So here are a number of techniques I use to help me achieve my big goals, while still maintaining my focus and not draining myself of energy:

Trust your gut feeling

Every time I ignore my instinct, I regret not listening to it later. I had a hunger for entrepreneurship and creation from an early age, and I worked on several projects. Throughout that course I worked with people who were older, more experienced than I was, and I thought it best to follow their advice and ignore my gut feeling. But what I came to learn over time was that we should value and listen to others’ advice, but always follow our intuition.

How do you experience intuition when it comes to your business? Everyone experiences it differently. It could be a bad feeling in your gut, or a voice in your head that tells you something does not feel right. When you have that, it is probably because something is not.

Plan your goals

If you are an entrepreneur then you probably have a thousand ideas racing through your head, to the point that you might somehow feel overwhelmed. That is a normal feeling, especially for people with ambitions. But focus is key. Have a short-term and a long-term plan. Set your goals for the month at the beginning of it. You can use a mobile app to do this or simply write them down in your daily journal or on a piece of paper hung across your desk. If you want to be even more focused, break down those goals further to weekly and daily goals. Not only will that keep you focused, but it will organise your days and help to avoid time-wasting.


When I feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or cannot focus, I stop for a minute, close my eyes, breathe deeply and focus on my breathing. If you have the time, it is good to dedicate 15 minutes at the start of your day to meditation, to not think of anything, and just focus on your breathing. Not only will that keep you calm in the long run, but it will aid your focus throughout the day.


I keep stressing the importance of the law of attraction. Basically what this law entails is that what we focus on we attract to our lives. Our minds and thoughts are magnetic and tend to attract what crosses our heads, so we might as well ensure they are positive and channelled towards our goals. How do I make it work? I decide on a goal I want to achieve, and then I visualise each and every process involved in achieving that goal. For example, if I want to launch a service, I visualise the process from its creation, to working on it, to the customer’s reaction, and focus on how I feel about it as I visualise it. If I feel excited about it, I then proceed, and if I feel that it is not the right time or I will not be able to work on it, then I ignore it.

There are countless techniques you can use to keep you focused, especially if you multitask like me. I believe in borrowing techniques that have worked for others and then filtering them to techniques that work best for you.

Manar Al Hinai is an award-winning Emirati writer based in Abu Dhabi. Follow her on Twitter: @manar_alhinai

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Published: May 31, 2014 04:00 AM


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