New ‘smart belt’ unveiled; loosens when you’ve eaten too much

An Emiota representative wears Belty, a smart belt from Paris-based Emiota, at CES Unveiled, at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show media preview day. Robyn Beck / AFP photo
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We’ve all been there — the end of a big meal when your belt feels just that little bit tighter than it did before.

Now help could be at hand with a new “smart belt” which relaxes its clasp when you’ve eaten too much.

Ladies and gentleman, meet The Belty, a cutting-edge device which measures how much its owner has eaten throughout the day, and adjusts the waist size accordingly.

Recently unveiled in Las Vegas, The Belty even takes into account how much exercise you may have done via a system of small sensors and a gyroscope.

It even keeps track of overall health, and offers feedback and suggestions throughout the day in real time, via an app.

The device was unveiled by French firm Emiota, on Sunday, January 4, at global consumer electronics show The International CES.

The most-talked about feature of The Belty however remains the motors which change the belt’s size automatically, meaning an owner could keep the invention for years, with or without the onset of an expanding waistline.

Currently in the prototype stage, there is not yet a date for the product to hit the market — or a price tag. It might sound like a gimmick, but given some fine-tuning, this science fiction technology could quickly catch on.