Ladies of London star Caroline Stanbury has settled into Dubai life

Caroline Stanbury. AP
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Life is Dubai is much better than Caroline Stanbury could have imagined, says the leading lady from the TV series Ladies of London, who left the UK capital six months ago to move to the UAE.

Stanbury shared her thoughts with entertainment website The Daily Dish. "The move's much easier than I thought, to be honest, because I never even lived in Dubai longer than a week's holiday in the Four Seasons. So I had no idea really what I was entering. It's been a ball. I like it so much more than I ever thought I would. Just waking up with sun makes a huge difference. The children are so happy here."

She has three children with Lebanese husband Cem Habib and says she was worried more about them prior to the move. “I’m kind of fine wherever I go. I find someone to hang out with,” she said. “But they’ve got more friends here than they did there, I think. They just really enjoy it. I think the outdoor life, the sport, the school teachers, the school environment, they’re loving it. Every day, their school ends earlier here, they have more time at home, they have many more outdoor sports, and they really have so many friends here now, it’s crazy.”

She added that she also loves how safe Dubai feels for her and her family.