5 Minutes with DJ Wankelmut

German DJ Wankelmut. Courtesy Saadiyat Beach Club
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Dance sensation Wankelmut will be hitting the decks at the Saadiyat Beach Club on Friday night. The German's career is on a hight courtesy of his acclaimed remixes of Asaf Avidan's One Day/Reckoning Song and My Head is a Jungle featuring Emma Louise. Speaking to The National ahead of his UAE arrival, the 27 year-old explains his edgy and infectious harks back to his home city of Berlin.

The first album I bought was Harvest by Neil Young. It remains one of the most significant albums I ever bought because he is such an amazing, talented artist and I've idolised him for years.

My first gig was in this underground bar in Berlin. The city has some of the most amazing underground bars, which stay open for days. I love the vibe of the parties; the freedom and the way you can let loose and be yourself. It was those parties and clubs, such as Bar 25 and Kater Holzig, which really inspired me. I will always remember those gigs and try to keep the same intimacy I felt in those bars even when I'm playing to crowds of thousands.

My live show now is always a party. I play them The same way I started my musical career, I get my two CD decks, mixer and MacBook and try to create a unique atmosphere that will give people the best night of their lives.

My favourite musician is Brian Eno, who I regard as the founding father for ambient and generative music. He is such an incredible innovator of music. Everything he creates is a masterpiece, he inspires my own work everyday.

A song I wish I wrote would be Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit, it's an all time American classic. I was obsessed with Nirvana growing up and that song will always be one of my favourites. The whole song is so well crafted, Kurt Cobain was a genius. I feel it's a song that sums up a generation, as well as being a great song to belt out with friends at the end of the night.

Tickets begin from Dh125 from www.timeouttickets.com. 4pm. Supporting acts are Danny Cee, Dany Neville and resident DJ A.L.L.A.D.