Dubai TV and Sama Dubai unveil Ramadan programming line-up

Expect Egyptian dramas, Khaleeji comedy and UAE cultural programmes

Dubai TV and Samaa Dubai are the latest networks to announce their Ramadan line-up.

They join Abu Dhabi TV and radio stations, MBC's online platform Shahid, OSN and Sharjah Broadcasting Authority in revealing their programming for the holy month.

Scheduled to broadcast from the beginning of Ramadan (most likely to fall on April 12), the two channels will showcase a mixed bag of high-octane Egyptian dramas in addition to Emirati comedies, quiz shows as well as the much-loved local animated series Shaabiat Al Cartoon.

These are some of the key shows coming soon to the small screen.

The big dramas

‘Harb Al Ahliya’ (Dubai TV)

With a dynamite cast including Youssra and Bassel Khaiat, the Egyptian thriller is all about fraught family dynamics. Abandoned as a child, a savvy businesswoman (Jamila Awad) unexpectedly meets her mother and their subsequent relationship is nothing less than rocky.

‘La’bat Newton’ (Dubai TV)

Egypt's Mona Zaki and Mohamed Mamdouh star as a seasoned couple who have one too many fights. Anguished by the experience, Zaki's characters calls it quits, packs her bags and travels abroad. On her search for identity, she meets interesting characters along the way.

‘Did Al Kassar’ (Dubai TV)

How long should you try before walking away? That's the core problem for Salma, played by Egypt's Nelly Karim, as she suffers from the recklessness and infidelities of her husband. The series see her evolve from a victim to a strong woman with a ruthless streak of her own.

‘Al Kandoush’ (Dubai TV)

Also showing on Sharjah TV, this Syrian series was first announced in 2018. The drama was initially put on hold because of disagreements between the various production companies involved. It has since gone back on track.

With everyone back on the same page, viewers can revel in the stellar Syrian cast led by Ayman Zidan and Sulaf Fawakherji in a period drama that explores Damascene society in the early 20th century.

Al Namoos (Dubai TV)

Similar to 2020's well-received Ramadan drama Mohamed Ali Road, Kuwaiti screenwriter Moe Anwar conjures up another ambitious drama spanning pre- and post-oil boom Kuwait.

The ensemble drama, led by Mohammed Al-Mansour and Haifaa Adel, follows the free-wheeling life of Rashid Al Mather and how his murder unleashes a torrent of pent-up secrets and painful memories. The series will also broadcast on OSN.

Local and regional productions

‘Shaabiat Al Cartoon’ (Sama Dubai)

Dubbed the UAE's version of The Simpsons, the popular animated series returns for its 15th season with its blend of humour and cutting social commentary.

Shaabiat, a word that means "rural neighbourhood" in Arabic, follows the lives of a group of families and individuals living in a small Dubai neighbourhood. Each episode focuses on different individuals and their quirky troubles.

'Hamed Hilou' (Sama Dubai)

After last year's hit Kashe' Nashe, Emirati comedy duo Abdullah Zeid and Gomaa Ali return for another zany sitcom set in an Emirati village of the 1960s.

While the humour is sweet natured, the series illustrates the pioneering spirit of previous generations that powered the UAE’s development.

‘Wa Anna Ahebak Ba'ad’ (Sama Dubai)

The Kuwait comedy shows that it’s not always "happily ever after" once the wedding is over, in fact, some can argue that is when the troubles begin.

From family squabbles to getting to really know your true life partner, Wa Anna Ahebak Ba'ad, translated to I Love You Too, is a quirky look into Gulf relationships.

Cultural shows

‘Al Rawi’ (Dubai TV)

Dig into Dubai's archives and listen to the prose of some of its greatest poets in this culture programme.

In looking at the past and its great personalities, Al Rawi shows how Dubai evolved to where it is today.

‘Al Mandoos’ (Sama Dubai)

A mix of talk show and competition, Al Mandoos has viewers calling in to share their reflections on the UAE and Ramadan while quizzed about the country's heritage for prizes.

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