What can we expect from Travis Scott at his Abu Dhabi F1 show?

The US rapper's show at Morocco’s Mawazine Festival was brilliant and intense. We report ahead of his Abu Dhabi F1 after race concert in November

When Travis Scott returns to Abu Dhabi on November 29 as part of the F1 after race concerts, it will be on the stage he deserves.

The electrifying rapper’s last appearance in the capital was back in 2016 and it was also F1 related, but that time around he headlined an evening of the Beats on the Beach concert at the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Since the concerts were open to the public, a few curious types ventured to the front of the stage to see what Scott was all about.

For those unfamiliar with Scott gigs, the best way to describe them is as controlled chaos. On that occasion Scott took to the Corniche stage like a rocket and in the space of a mere 15 minutes had the crowd sweating and shouting along to his Mad Hatter-esque raps and shuddering dystopian beats. It was all too much for some and Scott had to stop the show in mid-flow to allow an audience member to exit the mosh-pit.

If you thought it was a thoughtful display of empathy, think again. Scott was positively furious: “This is a Travis Scott show,” he said. “If you can’t handle that, you better leave because we all came here to party, right?”

And all of this was before Scott dropped his massive album, last year’s Astroworld, which has only increased his global fan base exponentially. To get an idea of the fandom, consider this: over 50,000 people gathered to see Scott make his Moroccan debut performance as part of the Mawazine Festival in Rabat on June 26.

His show was intense with a fistful of hit songs and eye-popping visual backdrops. This all points to his upcoming Du Arena show to being an unmissable affair not only for fans, but for those who enjoy a good live show. However, if you are in the latter, it’s best to take Scott's advice and hang safely in the back.

Here are five things to expect:

His stage design is fire

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Scott’s astonishing US live concert spectacle won’t make it outside of his native shores. It is simply impossible. The Astroworld tour is basically a traveling carnival that aims to resemble a Five Flags amusement park – albeit a more demented type. Scott even had a carousel and roller coasters on certain dates. And since Scott is performing at the Du Arena and not in any of the Yas Island’s amusement parks, it is safe to say that his Abu Dhabi show will be more streamlined.

Don’t mistake that for cutting corners, however. Scott’s festival show is visually impressive with basically everything on stage, from the elevated DJ decks and speakers doubling up as screens that host hallucinogenic visuals. The imagery ranged from blazing fire, flapping butterflies and Scott’s silhouette rendered in psychedelic colour and x-ray mode. It is awfully impressive and keeps you captivated at all times.

The set list is timely

If you plan to go to the show and haven’t heard Scott’s latest album, other than the singles, then it’s time now to brush up on Astroworld. With Scott wearing an Astroworld t-shirt at all times, the album gets a major airing during the 80-minute concert. They include album cuts and concert opener Stargazing and No Bystanders. Fans of Scott’s earlier material will also savour early key tracks such as Mamacita and Antidote.

The vocals are turned up

The best way to explain Scott’s interpretation of his recorded songs is that they are all performed in CAPS LOCK mode. As well as being a great live performer, Scott is also an underrated studio perfectionist. His albums sound woozy and atmospheric and that’s why they sound superb on headphones. But Scott knows that such a vibe doesn’t work on the stage of a live concert. So, when on tour he basically turns the intensity levels to 11 and hollers through the songs. It may all sound cacophonous in the beginning, but when they are paired with raging visuals and Scott’s mastery in whipping up the crowd, you just can’t help but be swept along by the whole affair.

Scott likes to move around

If there is something to stand on, Scott will undoubtedly barrel towards it. So, if the concert organisers place a lightening or camera scaffold between the Golden Circle and General Admission sections expect Scott to find a way to perform on it, even if it is for a few minutes. And don’t be shy in taking out your camera phones to record as Scott encourages his fans to tweet him footage of the show.

The Mawazine festival set list



4 AM (2 Chainz cover)

Way Back


Butterfly Effect

No Bystanders

Highest in the Room

Upper Echelon


Love Galore (SZA cover)

Wake Up

Skeletons / Astrothunder

R.I.P. Screw


Zeze (Kodak Black cover)

The London (Young Thug cover)

Pick Up the Phone


Can't Say



Sick Mode

Updated: June 28, 2019 10:12 AM


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