Five ways Justin Timberlake can redeem himself at the Super Bowl

The big question is how does JT bring sexy back to the stage and ‘redeem’ himself after that infamous 2004 performance with Janet Jackson

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The Super Bowl is arguably one of the biggest events in the entertainment calendar and the pressure is on to outdo the previous year's performance. One of the best Half Time shows has to be the one Beyonce gave back in 2013, but Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and even Katy Perry and all her gimmicky additions brought their fair share of entertainment to the stage. So the big question is how does JT bring sexy back to the stage and ‘redeem’ himself after that infamous 2004 performance with Janet Jackson in which, erh, well you know how that went?

1. Firstly, he should bring Janet Jackson back on stage and they should perform again. As Janet sang, "Dream about us together again." The pair are hugely talented and that incident was awkward and unfortunate, so there's no better platform to right the wrong and give them both the opportunity to shine alongside one another again.

2. Once that's out the way, we expect magic… fireworks, some of the slickest, most wicked dance choreography for you know how well this man can perform. Bring it, JT – no pressure.

3. The Jimmy Fallon / JT bromance. Jimmy can sing, Jimmy can impersonate and we're pretty sure he can dance too. He could be an honorary N-Sync member, or they could just form their own band for the sake of the Super Bowl and call themselves Justin and the Fallons… Or something like that?

4. Justin Timberlake has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music (Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Alicia Keys). Since then, the star has become a father, as have his contemporaries. So to bring in the "aah cute" factor, he could ask some of his famous friends to join his son Silas on a collaboration and dance off for "Can't Stop The Feeling". Imagine Blue Ivy, Asahd Khaled, Egypt, Axl, Gwen Stefani's boys and other famous kids jamming to that? Aunty Ellen could hop on the fun train too and there you have it.

5. This year we've unfortunately seen attacks on innocent lives during shows (Ariana Grande and Jason Aldean). We know Justin has a conscience and he once asked "Where is the love?" alongside the Black Eyed Peas. While he could make some political statement about the current administration in office, a bigger moment would be for him and his famous friends, together with all those in attendance, to show that music can unite, that it offers a message of hope and the show will go on in honour of those lost to tragic and unnecessary events seen in Manchester and in Las Vegas.


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