Aladdin to Cinderella: the 26 best Disney animated movies ranked

Disney has delivered decades of entertainment with its animated movies. Here we rank 26 of the all-time best

Most of us have grown up watching Disney's animated films, from Aladdin and the Lion King to Cinderella or Frozen. They have in many ways captured our imagination and helped shape how we see the world.

And at every new release, fans flock to the theatres to watch the latest from the house of mouse.

Here is a list of 26 of those animated films, ranked from least good, to best.

Considering there are over 57 animated Disney films as of 2018, we've condensed our list to the best 26 films.

Apologies in advance to fans of Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp, Sword in the Stone, Chicken Little, Tangled, and Zootopia.

Click though the gallery above to see which Disney movie made the top spot.


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