Egyptian TV prankster Ramez Galal takes to the big screen with new romantic comedy

The film comes on the back of his latest comedy television prank show Ramez Movie Star

From left, Egyptian singer Hamo Bika, Ramez Galal and dancer Lurdiana get in on the joke on Ramez Aqlo Tar. Photo: Twitter / Ramezgalal
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Ramez Galal is bringing his talents to the big screen next year.

The popular and controversial Egyptian comedian, known for annual celebrity prank shows in Ramadan, announced his latest film Akhi Fok El Shagara will premiere in Egyptian cinemas on January 23.

With a short teaser uploaded on social media on Sunday, the film has Galal playing the roles of Alaa and Bahaa, twin brothers with different temperaments who discover each after growing up apart.

Akhi Fok El Shagara also features a strong supporting cast of Nesreen Tafesh, Tara Emad and screen veteran Bayoumi Fouad.

It comes on the back of Galal's latest television hit Ramez Movie Star.

Screened nightly during Ramadan in April, the latest iteration of his annual prank show has him, once again, skirting that fine line between entertainment and cruelty that brought him success for nearly a decade.

With the help of Belgian action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, Egyptian celebrities are lured into a film set in Saudi Arabia for what they think is a cameo appearance and instead is an extravagant and seemingly death-defying action sequence.

In January, Galal was honoured at the Joy Awards in Riyadh with a special award for consistently high ratings for his pranks series, including last year's Ramez Aqlo Tar and 2020s Ramez Majnoun Rasmi.

Galal used the occasion to acknowledge the controversial nature of his shows, apologising to some of his targets in the audience.

He also declared his wish to get Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu on the show.

Recognising the slim chance of that happening, he promised the star, also in the audience, that he would tell him “everything about the prank beforehand”.

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