Trending Arabic hashtag offers tips on staying productive while at home

The Arabic version of the hashtag #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome has been trending in the UAE

#DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome has been trending in the UAE today. AP Photo
#DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome has been trending in the UAE today. AP Photo

Many hashtags have been used on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic (read our guide to them here), but a new one has been trending in the UAE today.

The hashtag #DedicationAtWorkSafetyAtHome, has mainly been trending in Arabic, with people sharing how they're staying productive while also staying safe in their homes. People using the hashtag have also been expressing thanks to everyone working hard in the fight against Covid-19.

Here are some of the ideas and tips people have been sharing:

Mohammed Alessa posted a list of things to do to be less anxious. He's on his "10th day of quarantine at home", and says calling a friend or family member you haven't spoken to for a while is a good idea.

"Cleaners in hospitals and the heroes who get little pay and are overlooked are also at the top of our war with this pandemic. We salute them all," wrote one Twitter user, reminding people of the others who are on the front line.

"Our education continues remotely. These different achievements of today are what future generations will talk about," wrote Ibrahim Mohammad, reminding us that this is a truly historic moment.

"Let's remain responsible and continue working and be productive while at home, because your success is the success of your institution and your company," wrote Hazza Ben Bannan.

"Words can't do justice ... you are an example of sacrifice and giving. All thanks to you," wrote Dana Ibrahim.

Updated: April 6, 2020 04:47 PM


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