An Iraqi girl looks at a wrecked car in Baghdad's Sadr City on April 20, 2008, struck by US missiles during fierce fighting with al-Mahdi army militia overnight. Loudspeakers at mosques in Baghdad's Shiite bastion Sadr City blared out a call to arms soon after radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr warned of a new uprising of his militiamen, residents said today. Iraqi security and medical officials, meanwhile, reported another eight people killed overnight in clashes between militiamen and US and Iraqi forces in the embattled township, where battles have been raging since late March. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP PHOTO / AHMAD AL-RUBAYE
'The Baghdad Clock' tells of societal disintegration through war and sanctions. AFP 

Book review: The Baghdad Clock is a compelling tale of two girls' journey to adulthood

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